Are you ready to put your Backhoe to work?

Do you own a backhoe, or are you interested in renting a backhoe but lack the basic knowledge of how to operate one?

Have you searched the internet for training materials, but refuse to pay thousands of dollars for operator school, or hundreds of dollars for other boring outdated videos?

Have you ever wanted to make more money as a backhoe operator?

Introducing Backhoe Basics

Your one source for everything you need to know about basic backhoe operation and maintenance.

This high quality, entertaining DVD provides information you can’t find anywhere else at any price.  Mike Dawson, a professional operator for over 35 years, demonstrates a wealth of knowledge that will quickly teach you to boost efficiency, increase safety, prevent breakdowns and give you an edge over the competition. Even if you already know how to operate a backhoe, this video can still improve your skill set with tips and visual demonstrations that come only with a lifetime of experience.

A picture is worth  thousand words, and this expert video will show you techniques that would be impossible to explain with a diagram in a book.

This is not your average boring safety video! Nor is it intended to replace your owner’s manual, but it is the BEST, most inexpensive introduction to backhoe operation you can find ANYWHERE.

So, if you want to quickly improve your skills as an operator, learn some of the pros’ best secrets, and get digging fast…

Buy Backhoe Basics today!

The story:

Hi, my name is Mike Dawson. I’ve been operating Backhoes, Excavators, Graders, and lots of other heavy equipment for over 35 years. When my son Tom told me that basic information on how to operate a backhoe was lacking on the internet, we decided to make our own DVD. Together we created what we think is the best introduction to backhoe operation you’ll find anywhere at any price. This DVD is designed to improve your performance, boost your efficiency, increase safety, and help beginners get started. It’s also entertaining to watch! Even kids love it because of the action packed footage of the big machine playing in the dirt.

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This high quality DVD covers the universal techniques of:

▪    A proper walkaround inspection
▪    Operating the Backhoe
▪    Trenching
▪    Backfilling
▪    Locking the Boom
▪    Operating the Loader
▪    Changing Buckets
▪    Proper Lubrication
▪    Craning
▪    Loading on a Trailer
▪    Avoiding Common Mistakes
▪    And More!

Features you won’t find anywhere else:

✓    How to use the hand and foot controls simultaneously.
✓    Picture-in-picture footage of the controls being operated and the whole machine in action.
✓    Watch a real pro make efficient, money saving  moves.
✓    Pro tips designed to help beginners get an edge on the competition.
✓    How to change buckets like a pro
✓    Narrated by an actual professional with over 35 years of experience.

How much does it cost?

For the price of dining out one night, you could have some expert knowledge it could take years to discover. And, you can order it right now for only $39.99 from our online store, or watch it pay per view on

So, are you ready to get to work?

Buy Backhoe Basics today.

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